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The Navnat Vanik Bhagini Samaj was formed under the banner of the Navnat Vanik Association in 1977. Today it has reached such heights that it is a successful and respected organisation and boasts a life membership of more than 800.


The Navnat Vanik Bhagini Samaj has been formed to:
•    To foster and extend friendship locally and nationally
•    To promote unity with the community
•    To develop individual’s self confidence
•    To work along side with all our affiliated bodies
•    To promote goodwill with other communities
•    To organise  a wide variety of social and informative programmes throughout the year



•    Health topics related to current issues such as Dementia
•    Workshops as in applying principles of Tai Chi
•    Healthy cooking
•    Mehfil for Mothers Day
•    Dharmik programme
•    Yatra
•    Christmas party for children - which is always a hit!


The Bhagini has been hiring out mattresses and dandias, donated by generous members of the community, on a regular basis for the last 12 years. This provides a boost to the organisations yearly income.


The Bhagini Samaj has organised numerous national and international tours. These tours are organised to accommodate for all ages and needs.

Our successful tours have been to India, Sri Lanka, Florida, Kenya, Far East, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa, Canada & Alaska, France, Holland, Italy,  and Egypt.

In organising these trips, the committee members invest vast amount of their time, which is rewarded by the positive feedback received from the members. These tours are very popular, enjoyable and are always eagerly anticipated by the members.


The Triveni Sangam is an event organised for the Bhagini communities from Manchester, Leicester and London, to meet all and enjoy their sisterhood.
The event is hosted by one city every two years and often involves music, dancing, fashion shows health and cultural discussions. This event is looked forward to by all members of the Bhagini within the UK.


The Committee members provide their service on a voluntary basis and work with full zest and honest integrity. Every committee member contributes their time to meet regularly to organise enjoyable and enlightening events for their members. Each committee member has surpassed expectations with their hard work and dedication.

Our affiliation with the Navnat Vanik Association is so great that we are always on hand to help with various main body events, including Puryushan, Priti Bhojan, Navratri, & Janmasti.

We are proud to state that our Jiv Daya contribution is one of the highest compared to any other organisation within the community.

One of our outstanding accomplishments is the contribution of £73,000 towards the purchase of the Navnat centre in Hayes. These funds were raised from the numerous events organised by us and the generous contributions made by our members.

Navnat Vanik Bhagini Samaj diary of events :

The 2008 AGM held in June heralded a new committee for the year 2008-2009.

The following programmes were held under the banner of NVBS:
1.      Stavan Sandhya evening in July 2008 where all were welcomed
2.      Wales trip to the Mandir in August 2008 which was overnight
3.      Yatra trip to Southampton in September including a seaside walk
4.      A hilarious play called ‘Ek Murak Ne Avi Tev’ in September
5.      Talk by the renowned Jaya Rao in October
6.      Devangana , a fantastic drama by local artistes in October
7.      Christmas party for children in December which was a hit
8.      South America Tour January – Highly enjoyed by all
9.      Health seminar on dementia and a healthy cooking demonstration in Feb 2009
10.   Mother’s Day programme, a lilting and a successful musical night in March 2009

NVBS convey a very sincere message of Mitchami Dukhdum to all, if they have knowingly or Unknowingly hurt or upset anyone.