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Navnat Youth Association

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The account below shows the formation of the Navnat Youth Association. The extract has been taken from the article Navnat-in UK, a Historical Perspective by Mr Jayant Doshi 

.. It was 1976 or a year later that formation of a youth wing was encouraged and a meeting called to form such a body. While Bipin Mehta called the meeting, I chaired the first such meeting when a group of youths came to attend. After some heated discussion, the meeting decided to form an independent association for the youths. While the committee of Navnat did not like this they had to accept the democratic decision of the youths. The very term “youth” is a ever changing phase of our lives. The youth of yesterday is the parent or elder of tomorrow. As such the situation in the youth association was always fluid. For many years it remained quite active, but with change of generation, or passing by of the previous youths, created a vacuum, and the continuity of the organisation was always under threat. But for many years the youths formed an active and integral part of our community and they contributed constructively by brining our youths into the fold.  Their major contribution was starting a newsletter of their own (now called Focus but had many names over the years) which after many years was incorporated into the main Darpan. The youth newsletter brought extra life into the community newsletter. Even though the youths faced a crisis in forming an active committee, or finding active office bearers, they managed to keep producing their newsletter on a regular basis. Youth newsletter changed its name many times and settled on the name “Focus” for the last decade or more.  The format and contents have been changing with each change of editor.  Youths have arranged some classy programmes, and they have tried to balance between modern life in this country and the traditional cultural values of the community. Their relationship with the main body, and the levels of cooperation, unlike the Bhagini, have been like a yo-yo. But they have always maintained their independence. Over the years they have shown that they can work independently, but also with responsibility and prudence. While the elders, and the main body committee, have many times not seen eye to eye with the youths, their ability to survive and to run their organisation successfully has been commendable.


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