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Navnat Wins Special Award for Pandemic Support

Jai Jinendra & Jai Shri Krishna CONGRATULATIONS NAVNAT VANIK ASSOCIATION UK On behalf of Navnat Vanik Association UK (NVA), its Executive committee and Board of Advisors (BOA), we are pleased to inform you that our community won an award for supporting the vaccination drive against Covid-19. As you will know, we modified the Navnat Centre to become a temporary vaccination hub for NHS Hillingdon during the first half of this year when nearly 80,000 local residents were protected with a…

80,000 Thank You’s

Jai Jinendra & Jai Shri Krishna At the end of May, NHS Hillingdon returned our Navnat Centre after its temporary use as a key Covid-19 vaccination hub. Since the start of the year, the medical team at the Centre vaccinated around 80,000 local residents. We should take immense pride in having contributed to the national effort in response to the pandemic by helping to protect so many people living in Hayes and the surrounding area. We received an appreciative letter…

Navnat UK, supports local community in time of need

Navnat Vanik Association UK has been supporting our local community in a time of need, hence in recognition of this, we have received the below message from the Mayor of Hillingdon.  Dear Jaswantrai Doshi,  I would like to personally thank you for the generous donation of £300 to my chosen charity and can assure you that the money will be very well received especially during these very difficult times. I would also like to thank you for the hard work of…


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