Membership Requirements

• Membership of the Association shall be open to all persons belonging to the Community, aged eighteen and over, subject to prior approval of the Executive committee. Application for the membership for any of the categories hereinafter provided shall be made to the Executive committee in the prescribed form obtainable from the Membership Secretary. Any application whether new or renewal received thirty days prior to any general meeting, shall not be approved until after the conclusion of the said general meeting. Anyone refused membership by the Executive committee shall have the right of appeal against this decision in accordance with clause 5 hereof. A register of members shall be kept by the Membership Secretary and shall be updated at regular intervals and shall be reconciled to the Association’s financial records.

• Any person belonging to the Vanik Community in general, but not the Navnat Vanik Community in particular, may be granted Associate membership of the Association subject to prior approval of the Executive committee.  Such an Associate member will have no voting right at any of the Association’s meetings nor will be eligible to hold a post or place in its Executive committee, or on its Board of Trustees.

• For the purpose, Navnat Vanik Community (referred to as Community) consists of the following subcastes of Vaniks on Historical and traditional basis: Dasha Shrimali, Visa Shrimali, Dasha Sorathia, Visa Sorathia, Modh, Khadayata, Porwad, Kapol and Shrimali Vanik Soni.

• There will be Annual Members, Life Members and Paid Patrons comprising in the General Body of the Association, hereinafter called the General Body.

• Persons of outstanding calibre and contribution to the cause the Association or the Community will be invited to be Honorary Patrons.  Such appointment or appointments shall only become valid after the nomination/proposals have been fully considered and approved by not less than 75% of those attending and voting by a secret ballot at a joint meeting of the Executive committee and the Board of Trustees specially convened for this purpose.  Any decision reached such a meeting shall be final.