From the President

From the President

Jai Jinendra & Jai Shri Krishna

I hope all of you are happy and healthy and I am immensely proud of you for observing the Government guidelines on Covid-19. In March 2020, for the first time in our lives we experienced the lockdown due to Covid-19. This has changed our lives dramatically in the way we do things and the way we work. As a result, we had to close our centre for various functions. We had to cancel all the hall bookings and we also lost some car parking contracts. I was looking forward to my first Paryushan, Navratri, Diwali and other events but sadly I will have to wait for one year.

During lockdown we requested our members to register for voluntary work in delivering necessities to our old and disabled members. I was pleasantly surprised that over 60 members registered within few days. The leader, Sang- eeta Bavisha, arranged four members to take the task of arranging to distribute groceries and all other necessities to over 60 homes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who worked extremely hard.

In my first report after the election I had promised you that ‘we will bring Navnat on the map again’ and make it the ‘TALK OF THE TOWN’. I feel I have fulfilled my promise with the help and the commitment of my committee members and the volunteers.

Firstly, I would like to thank our ZOOM HERO, Nemishbhai Mehta, and entire Zoom team, who came up with the idea of giving events on Zoom during lockdown. We were the first ones to give various programs like Children games, Yoga, Musical Entertainment, Religious Programs and Cooking demonstration on Zoom. I am proud and delighted to learn that Lavinaben Mehta was awarded an MBE (in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list) for providing free virtual workouts to keep people healthy and mentally positive with her mother-in-law, Nishaben.

What about Paryushan? Probably this is the first time we had so many members and guests enjoyed the Paryushan events. Large number of our members listened to Pravachan given by numerous Mahasatiji with the help of Pujya Gurudev Namramuni. Many people from abroad logged on to our Zoom platform. Many members including my mother in law, Mrs. Pushpaben J. Batavia, now living in Dubai phoned me to say that she enjoyed enormously all the Paryushan events and it is the first time she had such an opportunity to watch all the events during Paryushan. The main highlights of Paryushan was morning Pravachan, afternoon seminars by Mahasatiji and the Bhavna from India by Vikrambhai and his group every day. The other highlight was the virtual online bidding and the delivery of Swanpnas to the Bhagyashalees’ homes, (this brilliant idea came from Sangeeta Bavisha) by Bhagini, Jalsa Group, Zoom members and others. I would like to thank the sub-committee, (Bhupendrabhai Shah – Sangeeta Bavisha & Nemishbhai Mehta), for the excellent work in making this a memorable Paryushan.

Our next most successful program, despite some concern from few members, was Swamivatsalaya (Priti Bhojan) on Sunday 30th August. Even though we had restricted only 30 members in the Centre as per the Government guide- lines, over 350 members attended the function and 750 prasads were distributed to our members. I would like to thank our co-ordinator for the last six years, Elaben Shah and our ‘hasmukha’ Hasmitaben Doshi for their hard work in making this a great success. Heath and Safety was all organised by another hero, David Holden. He really worked extremely hard and made sure that all the rules and regulations are properly observed. It was so well organised that all the members who attended have made positive comments and congratulated the committee. I would like to thank the four donors who each donated £1501 towards the cost of Swamivatsalaya and an anonymous member who donated all the gift bags with full of goodies for children and all the members who donated towards Jiv Daya and Dining room expansion on the day. The names of all the donors are listed on a separate sheet.

Our next programs are Navratri and Diwali by Zoom. We hope all of you participate and enjoy them.

The extension of our Dining Room is progressing very well. I am hoping that all of you will donate generously to ensure the project does not get delayed. We have received detailed planning and we are hoping to get tender quota- tions by the time you read this report. It is my humble request to all of you to donate generously as we need to raise approximately £1.2 million. The whole project will be funded with the mixture of donations, reserves and interest free loans from our valuable members and affiliates.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Executive Committee Members, Subsidiaries and all the volun- teers for their dedication, commitment and hard work.

Lastly on behalf of the Trustees, Board of Advisors and all the subsidiaries committee members I seek your for- giveness if we have caused you Offence In Any way, Knowingly or Unknowingly, In Thought, Word Or Deed.

Micchami Dukkadam

Dilip Mithani




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